Fair Trade

We have been travelling to Indonesia for many years now, and we have seen lots of changes over the past decade. The one thing that hasn't changed however is the workforce, a very hard working lot they are too.

You definatly don't see as many children working now in Bali, but it does still go on in many parts of South East Asia, as we are sure you have seen on television. We at Rumah will not tolerate any use of child labour in the production of any of our products, If and when we should find that any of our products are being partly or wholy made by children the suppliers contract is terminated immediatly. We have not had to do this for many years.

We often arrive unannounced to place our orders, so we get to see the production as it really happens. Many of our products are also made from what we might call rubbish, but the artizans of bali are very good at producing something out of nothing. For example the teak vases are all made from waste glass, which is resmelted and hand blown to fit each individual piece of teak, the teak is also a by product of the furniture trade, and is made from the root of the tree. (Please see our short video of the production) All the companies that we do business with in Indonesia are family run concerns, usually with the whole family involved. We don't use any large manufacturers as the working conditions tend to be rather harsh, and you have less cotrol over the production methods, so we stick with small family run businesses.

We also consider that we pay a fair price for our products, sometimes I think too much, but everybody deserves a fair wage, not just us in the west. So we give all our suppliers a fair price, If there is a down side to this, it is that some of our cheapest lines are more expensive than some of our competitors.